pin 149: handmade crochet mug warmer

Pretty much since I got Pinterest I have been excited about this pin! I have been wanting to make these for a while and Heather’s post {Glitter In The Air – check her out!} a few weeks ago really reminded me that I should try this out!

I have noticed with most crochet projects, I need to make about 3 of something before one of them comes out right. In this case, I made some excellent practice mug warmers and I’ll definitely be making a few more. I made them a little too large because I forgot that crochet stretches so much – the warmers need to be tight to stay on the mug.

I made a red and purple one, using single stitch crochet because it’s what I’m most familiar with. I made it about 10 chains wide and then went until it would fit around the mug. I think in the future I will make it about half the size to accommodate for stretching. Then I finished it off and made a chain about 2 inches long. Using a small needle and thread, I sewed the chain on into a loop. It was surprisingly easy and very fast if you’re pretty familiar with crochet. I think I made these both in about 2 hours total.

Ease (1-10): 5 Simple if you’re familiar with crocheting but can be hard if it’s your very first project.
Cost: $5-10 Once I purchase the buttons and to make it all without starting off with any supplies.

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