pin 114: halloween frankenstein tealight candle

It’s my favorite season! Pumpkins, ghosts, ghouls – oh my! I absolutely love Halloween and love to decorate. So when I found this simple decoration using a recycled jar, I was so excited!

At first I thought that it was painted but after reading it, it’s all tissue paper! All you’ll need is some tissue paper, mod podge, a jar and maybe some paint.

I used mod podge on the jar, then put the paper on.

I used two layers of tissue paper {the same tissue paper I used on my Halloween window decorations} and then painted a face on. Since it was green, I went with Frankenstein.


It looks great with a votive candle inside to make it glow! So simple that I’m actually hoping I use/find another small glass jar to make more decorations!

Ease (1-10): 3 Seriously simple and fun!
Cost: $12-15 Depending on what you have lying around. Speaking of, if you find any more empty jars, send em over!


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