pin 15: 4th of july rice krispies treats

Oh man, did this bring back memories! My mom and I were famous for making themed treats for every party, or even treats for anytime! I forgot how much fun it can be to make simple, tasty treats.

We’re invited to a “Merica” theme 4th of July BBQ tomorrow (basically a redneck party) in Burbank, so my ideas for healthy treats to bring were out. We’ll already look like nerds for bringing our own veggie burgers (hey, ya never know!), so I wanted to bring something that would be fun and totally non-healthy. I found these on Pinterest, originally from Lil Luna. These were surprisingly easy, though sticky, to make. Just divide the recipe into thirds for each layer!

First, melt the butter on low.

Then melt the marshmallows completely. Add the food coloring. The original poster recommends gel food coloring- which is actually awesome and really vibrant! I still had to use a ton for the red and it came out a little hot pink so definitely use lots of food coloring.

Add the krispies.

Scrape into the pan and pat down with waxed paper or aluminum foil that is greased down with oil (which I did).

Let cool and enjoy! Hopefully these guys are still awesome tomorrow!

Ease (1-10): 3 Super easy
Cost: $12 Including the food coloring!

{UPDATE: These were great the next day. Big hit!}


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