pin 156: chalkboard christmas tree


This year has been so hectic – and that definitely didn’t stop for the holiday season! When it came down to being 10 days before Christmas and we didn’t have a Christmas tree, I definitely panicked. We are low on funds {and space} this holiday season, so I decided to make a Christmas tree!

All you need is wood, chalkboard paint and chalk.

Paint the wood. I needed to do about 4 coats because my wood was unfinished and my coats were very thin.


IMG_6083Once it dries and cures for 24 hours, lightly rub chalk all over it. Draw your Christmas tree and voila!


Ease (1-10): 3 Super super easy!Cost: $10-15 Depending on the supplies you use or what you have.


pin 155: heat things up winter circuit workout


winter workout

I really don’t have to remind you of all the reasons to work out this season, do I? Cookies, candies, cakes… oh my!

This workout is sure to make you sweat! You can do it through twice or three times. I did each circuit through twice and definitely felt it.

Ease (1-10): 4 Pretty tough but definitely do-able.Cost: $0

pin 154: diy heart glitter nails

It’s been months since I’ve painted my nails, but when I saw this pin I couldn’t stop thinking about it!

All you have to do is file your nails round and then paint the hearts onto it! So simple.

goldTwo coats of gold glitter paint.


It’s so cute and simple! I really love it.

Ease (1-10): 3 So easy!
Cost: $5-10 Depending on what polish you have.

pin 153: crossfit tabata workout squats and push-ups

Oy. This one is a killer. Literally. My arms and hamstrings hurt for days because of this workout! Think about it – 80+ push-ups and who knows how many squats!

Seriously, if you’re looking for a way to not raise your arms enough drink out of a glass {true story: I had to use both hands and lean back}, then this is the workout for you!

Ease (1-10): 6 Super tough workout.
Cost: Zerooo


pin 152: test of how to tell if an egg is good

This pin came in handy oddly enough only a day after I had seen it. I was really in the mood for eggs but the expiration date was for that day. Usually I’m a pretty firm believer in the whole “ehh… it can go a week” mentality but eggs are a little different. Salmonella is not fun.

So this pin is really easy and seems pretty accurate! I didn’t get sick anyway 🙂

So put an egg in a bowl of water and if it floats to the top or even starts to float, it’s good! Only if it sinks and doesn’t float at all is it bad.

IMG_5995IMG_5996Pretty cool!

Ease (1-10): 2 Easy.
Cost: 0

pin 151: diy artwork of places you’ve lived {and loved}


This pin is a present for BF’s birthday. We grew up in upstate NY near Binghamton and lived in Ithaca for 2 years. We loved both places, but we left to find careers and explore the world. Life has taken us all over – including to Los Angeles, which we now call home. Even though we love California, we do miss and love New York.

I painted two coats of paint on the canvas.


Then, print out a map of the state you want and trace onto paper. I used cardstock and traced it backwards, so when I went to paste it onto the canvas, the pencil marks wouldn’t be seen.


IMG_5970I used mod podge to paste the state onto the canvas and then painted the hearts onto {approximately?} where Binghamton and Ithaca are on the map.


Ease (1-10): 3 Super easy and cheap art!
Cost: $7-10 Depending on the deals you find in the craft store.

pin 150: total body workout


Life gets so crazy sometimes! I have been working so hard at work and getting hardly any sleep, so blogging has fallen by the wayside. I’ll do my best to catch up tonight but I am way, way behind!

This pin is great for people like me who are on a budget and can’t afford a gym membership. Or maybe you are too busy to hit the gym. Whatever the case, this pin is really great for an all over workout! No equipment? No problem! All you’ll need for this is a little perseverance 🙂

Ease (1-10): 4 Pretty tough workout!
Cost: Nada!

pin 149: handmade crochet mug warmer

Pretty much since I got Pinterest I have been excited about this pin! I have been wanting to make these for a while and Heather’s post {Glitter In The Air – check her out!} a few weeks ago really reminded me that I should try this out!

I have noticed with most crochet projects, I need to make about 3 of something before one of them comes out right. In this case, I made some excellent practice mug warmers and I’ll definitely be making a few more. I made them a little too large because I forgot that crochet stretches so much – the warmers need to be tight to stay on the mug.

I made a red and purple one, using single stitch crochet because it’s what I’m most familiar with. I made it about 10 chains wide and then went until it would fit around the mug. I think in the future I will make it about half the size to accommodate for stretching. Then I finished it off and made a chain about 2 inches long. Using a small needle and thread, I sewed the chain on into a loop. It was surprisingly easy and very fast if you’re pretty familiar with crochet. I think I made these both in about 2 hours total.

Ease (1-10): 5 Simple if you’re familiar with crocheting but can be hard if it’s your very first project.
Cost: $5-10 Once I purchase the buttons and to make it all without starting off with any supplies.

pin 148: spaghetti squash spaghetti

Spaghetti squash is such a versatile squash! You can make it spicy, cheesy, sweet, spaghetti-y? It’s really easy to make and versatile in recipes.

What I like to do is bake it and then toss it in my favorite sauce or maybe some diced tomatoes. I baked this one whole at 375 for about an hour. I just popped it in when I got home and walked the dog and did a few things around the house until it was done. It should be tender enough that a sharp knife goes in with little resistance. {If you’ve ever tried to cut one of these things raw, you know resistance} Once it is done, scoop out the seeds and then using a fork start pulling the strands of squash out. It will literally look like spaghetti. Put these strands into a large skillet and add the sauce. Toss with spices and heat a little, especially if your sauce was cold. Voila! The spaghetti squash spaghetti makes great leftovers and will be good for a few days.

This recipe is great if you’re craving pasta but want to cut out some carbs. Just make sure you add a LOT of cheese 🙂

Ease (1-10): 4 The squash will be hot and hard to handle when it first comes out of the oven. Make sure you use oven mitts when handling.
Cost: $5-10 Spaghetti squash is very affordable and you can really make this as easy or gourmet as you’d like.

pin 147: oatmeal banana breakfast smoothie

This pin is so yummy and easy to make! Just pour all the ingredients together {cook the oatmeal first and add the ice last} and blend! Deee-lish.

Yummy! Next time I’ll add protein powder and more peanut butter. Be warned: this makes a lot! Be prepared to share 🙂

Ease (1-10): 2 Easy and fast – great for mornings when you need something filling but don’t have a lot of time.
Cost: $10-15 Depending on what’s in your pantry, can always customize it!